My name is Charli. I grew up in North West Texas. Daughter to a 2nd generation cattle rancher. And to be completely honest, I loved being out in the country. I hated having to work cattle though.

Jump ahead 10 years, now I am a mom of two girls (there’s the 2). We along with my Hubby live out on about two acres of land about 2 hours from Dallas/Ft. Worth. We are striving for a whole and self-sufficient life on our little piece of paradise. So we have at current count 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 26 chicks & chickens. Ok, so maybe I don’t have an actual zoo, but my life sure seems to resemble one.

My goal for this blog is to track our progress as we move towards self-sufficiency on our property. As well as our move from processed to whole foods. But also, I want to give hope to those starting out like us through our trials and errors and hopefully they will be told with a little humor and grace.


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