Frustration on the Farmstead

Well, it has been a difficult few days for the farmstead. Thanks to and owl, our chicken flock was pretty small. But last weekend we decided the weather was finally nice enough for the puppies, Karlee (a Bassett mix) and Dozier (a pit and bull mastiff mix), to go outside for good. Well, I guess they decided to retaliate. The first day, I caught Dozier nose deep in a chicken that had flown over the fence. I didn’t know what to do, so I slapped him in the head to get him off the chicken and I threw the poor girl in the trash. The next time it happened, Hubby came home from work early and saw all three dogs in a corner of the yard with yet another chicken. She was still alive, but died about 2 hours later. But she was not the only casualty of the day. They got my favorite hen, Ruby. Today I came home, in a hurry since Big Girl had to change to go to soccer practice. I decided to go ahead and feed animals while she was changing. As I walked out to the yard I noticed all I could see were turkeys. I opened the gate and started to call for chickens as I threw out the food. No one came except for turkeys. My dogs killed all of my remaining chickens, 2 hens and 2 roos. They also chased my turkeys around the yard while I was gone taking Big Girl to meet up with her daddy for soccer practice. Winnie and Dozier were both in the yard with the turkeys huddle up in their house. Hubby and I don’t know what to do. We are considering getting rid of the dogs, but I really don’t want to do that (but given the other option…). Although, we may try to run an electric fence first and see if that will keep them out.As it stands right now though, I have no chickens that are capable laying eggs and no meat in the freezer, but I have chicks in the kitchen that will be ready to go into the coop soon.

Anyone have any ideas for breaking dogs from killing chickens?


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