Well, it has been pretty quite on the farmstead. Figuratively, of course. It is never literally quiet. Haha. Baby Girl and Big Girl both had a stomach bug at the end of last week. Nothing major, but enough to keep them from doing fun stuff. They are both in school today though, so it was short-lived.

Hubby decided that he wanted something to help “mow” the back acre over the weekend, so we went and looked at a Shetland Pony. After it nearly ran over Baby Girl, we decided that it wasn’t as gentle as the owner claimed and that we would keep looking. Then we got back on the goat debate.

Months ago, I wanted to get a goat or two so that way we could have fresh, raw milk. But Hubby was less than enthused about getting any. But over the weekend, goats started looking like a good option (Insert eye roll here…it’s never a good idea until he comes up with it himself. haha). But everywhere we called to buy them, they no longer had any. We got very lucky though, because a lady that I had already been in contact with decided to sell her Sanaans. So Hubby, the King of Redneck Rigging, strapped and old gate to the bed of his pickup, and off we went!

So we are now the proud owners of a Doe Saanen named Annie and a Buck Saanen named Joey (I am sorry to my brother-in-law, he was already named!) So far they have been great…wish I could say the same for the dogs. Karlee (the chicken killer) barked for at least an hour after we got home. We ended up having to put her in a kennel with a blanket wrapped around it facing the house, so she could not see the goats or the other two dogs. That move granted us peace for the rest of the night. Here’s to hoping she gets used to Annie and Joey today and we don’t have to do that again tonight.

On a more feathery note, the chicks when out into the coop and run weekend before last. They are enjoying having more room to run around in. Although, my Bantams are having a hard time adjusting to the big chicks. Poor things hide in a nest box most of the time. Hubby assures me that they will adjust and that they will find their places among the flocks hierarchy.


Thoughts about My Husband**

Monday was another crazy busy day. Big Girl had a make-up soccer game at 5:30, and of course, we forgot her soccer bag at the house. So I drove out to the house after the bus dropped her off at my office and we picked up Baby Girl at daycare. I pulled up to the house and only saw 2 turkeys in the yard. One was dead in the turkey house, the other missing one was beat up pretty good and hiding. So I called Hubby. The dogs were at it again. So Hubby made the decision to skip the game and put up an electric fence. It has been up for 3 full days now. And we have not lost anymore poultry! YEAH!! But I felt bad that Hubby missed the game. So I called him to keep him updated, which annoyed him.

I tell you this, because for some reason, it has had a profound effect on me. I spend ALOT of time online. And I have noticed lots of bloggers that I follow talking about being a Proverbs 31 wife. So last week I did some digging on what that meant. She is everything that I want to be! So I decided that I was going to be that woman. So I printed off a reading list that was suggested by a blogger and borrowed two of the titles from my local library.

My eyes have been opened! The first book I read was Love and Respect For a Lifetime, I learned that men really just want respect. If we as women don’t show our husband respect, then they are likely to draw away and not show us the love that we need to see.

I am in the process reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. This book talks about women caring and feeding their husbands mentally and spiritually. I think all women should read it, single, married for 5, 15, or 50 years. I was only 2 chapters in last night, when I went out to the living room and apologized to Hubby about neglecting him, he was stunned to say the least. I did not know that I had been putting him on the back-burner until I started reading all the excerpts of callers that Dr. Laura Schlessinger put into the book. Suddenly I realized that these women have similar complaints as I do, then it was these women are just like me, I do that.

There is an interesting part of the book where she writes about “Hurried Woman Syndrome”. It is a real medical syndrome!

 “This syndrome has been defined by the symptoms of weight gain, low sex drive, moodiness, and fatigue – all due to the stress caused by trying to do too much, not being able to keep up with it, not feeling ver accomplished at any of it, resenting anyone who had any expectations (like husbands and children), and ending up feeling hostile and depressed.”

WOW! That is me, 100%. And my family suffers, I know this, I see it all the time. The hurt in my kids eyes when I lash out at them from frustration. The pulling away of my husband, when I cannot control my moods, or too tired to even take on even the smallest task for him. I take my job as his helpmeet very seriously, but to find myself pushing him away, that bothers me.

So I guess the point of all of this rambling, is that I am going to try to be a better wife, a Proverbs 31 woman because I have the best husband in the world, and he deserves that.


 **I doubt he will read this!