Well, it has been pretty quite on the farmstead. Figuratively, of course. It is never literally quiet. Haha. Baby Girl and Big Girl both had a stomach bug at the end of last week. Nothing major, but enough to keep them from doing fun stuff. They are both in school today though, so it was short-lived.

Hubby decided that he wanted something to help “mow” the back acre over the weekend, so we went and looked at a Shetland Pony. After it nearly ran over Baby Girl, we decided that it wasn’t as gentle as the owner claimed and that we would keep looking. Then we got back on the goat debate.

Months ago, I wanted to get a goat or two so that way we could have fresh, raw milk. But Hubby was less than enthused about getting any. But over the weekend, goats started looking like a good option (Insert eye roll here…it’s never a good idea until he comes up with it himself. haha). But everywhere we called to buy them, they no longer had any. We got very lucky though, because a lady that I had already been in contact with decided to sell her Sanaans. So Hubby, the King of Redneck Rigging, strapped and old gate to the bed of his pickup, and off we went!

So we are now the proud owners of a Doe Saanen named Annie and a Buck Saanen named Joey (I am sorry to my brother-in-law, he was already named!) So far they have been great…wish I could say the same for the dogs. Karlee (the chicken killer) barked for at least an hour after we got home. We ended up having to put her in a kennel with a blanket wrapped around it facing the house, so she could not see the goats or the other two dogs. That move granted us peace for the rest of the night. Here’s to hoping she gets used to Annie and Joey today and we don’t have to do that again tonight.

On a more feathery note, the chicks when out into the coop and run weekend before last. They are enjoying having more room to run around in. Although, my Bantams are having a hard time adjusting to the big chicks. Poor things hide in a nest box most of the time. Hubby assures me that they will adjust and that they will find their places among the flocks hierarchy.


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