The Problem with Drought…

The area of Texas that I live in has been plagued with drought for, I swear, as long as I have been here. Hubby jokes that I brought the drought with me. We are so desparate for water (Stage 5 restrictions will go into effect very soon!) that the closest major city, the one where our water is bought from, is in the process of recycling water. Which means some time soon we will be drinking “clean” toilet water. Which in my mind is beyond disgusting and as terrible as it is for the enviornment, we will be buying bottled water. But I digress.

See the problem is, when you go through such a drought, your soil begins to compact as the water inside it drys out. We have clay soil here which makes it that much worse. What this means is that we are prone to flooding when it does rain, because the water cannot be soaked in as fast as it is coming down. But if you get a good rain, like the one we got a couple weeks ago, the soil will expand causing broken pipes.

Friday afternoon we went to talk to our neighbor to the South, Moon Man (names have been changed, obviously) at the shared fence. Hubby noticed that the ground was exceptionally spoungy and wet. UH OH! So we decided to check it out the next morning. This pipe is a T connection. We have a water line that runs all the way down the side of our property so we can water in case of fire. But it also goes into our house. Well Hubby had plans first thing Saturday morning, so he went into town and had birthday breakfast with his brother and then gathered supplies (Count first trip to town). He came home and we started to dig. We were not really sure where the pipe was but we had a good gerneral idea, so we would dig a little and stop to look for running water then dig a little more. We finally found it after what seemed like an hour of digging. We turned off the water and Hubby started cutting PVC. As we are working, we realize that the PVC cement we have is bad so I go to town (Count my first trip, but second for the job). I come home and the hole was filled with water. So we have to drain it with a bucket and a cup. The water is off at the meter, but it is still running, which is going to make fixing it even harder.

Hubby makes the first attempt at fixing the leak. I don’t know if he made a bad cut or if it is just being stubborn, because it will not fit back together. We have no more connections because Hubby thought it would be an easy fix. So he leaves to go to town (Count: trip # 3) to get more supplies. He has decided that he is just going to cap off this pipe so it will only run into our house instead of down th rest of the fenceline. So we attempt to cap it, TWICE. Both times the water pressure blows the connection off. Then we try an elbow connection we found, but it was to short. We make another trip (4 Trips into Town!). We buy extra fittings this time. We manage to FINALLY get it all together in the T, but it was still leaking. Not as bad as before, but still a decent drip.

Sunday morning Hubby went into town one last time, and he brought his buddy JMac (another name change) along with more parts back. After a couple more hours, they had it fixed. And it appears that it is not leaking. Thank goodness!

We sacrificed a day and a half, a finger (Hubby cut his finger really bad on the last attempted repair on Saturday), and a sunburn for me to get this job done. We are both very tired and very sore. But I am glad we did it. Hubby gave me the best compliment ever Saturday evening. He texted my dad. “You raised a d*mn good daughter. She is not afraid to get dirty. We spent all day trying to fix a busted pipe, and she was out there the whole time.” It is one thing to compliment me on not being afraid to get dirty, which he did, but it is something else entirely to compliment my dad about me. It made my day!


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