Long Dramatic Day

Outside of starting my blog, yesterday was just short of catastrophic. Maybe I am being harsh, but yet, really it seems right to say that. I had a long day at work, nothing interesting or difficult, just straight long. I went, picked the girls up from daycare and drove home. That’s when the catastrophies started. My sink was clogged. And mind, I have delt with clogged drains before, but this one was tough. It took me a whole 15 minutes of struggling with the plunger in the sink to realize that when you have a double sink, you have to plug one side. Yeah, that was my day. But I finally got the sink cleared, and the chicks watered. Then, I saw it. Those with chicks will already know this, but this is my first go round. We check on the chicks multiple times a day to make sure they have food and water, but really don’t look at them. I did yesterday. Three of my chicks had blocked “vents”. So I got to wash little chicken butts. Yeah, it’s really what I did after work yesterday. Times like that I wonder if I really want to have chickens. On the plus side, my oldest has decided that she would feed the big chickens outside, so I was saved from having to do that chore.

Anyone else have a terrible day, yesterday? What about a chore that they would rather push on someone else (like a kid)?